Microwave Perimeter Sensors

Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd understands that security is prone to breaches, which is why we offer the most reliable detection systems on the market. Our best selling products include an advanced microwave motion sensor from Southwest Microwave. By installing this innovative security system, you can detect unusual or suspicious activities around your facility. Spies, intruders and attackers will do everything to get near or gain access to your security-sensitive site. They will try to find a way to avoid security cameras and go unnoticed. A microwave motion detector would be your first line of defense. It will alert you when someone tries to enter the perimeter or detection zone you have established. Before the targets know it, you already have a plan and everyone is in position to surprise and capture them. It is a discreet way to prevent an attack or intrusion.


Also known as RF or Doppler sensors, microwave perimeter sensors are capable of detecting walking, running or crawling trespassers. They are an ideal option when it comes to monitoring and protecting your gates or entryways, walls, rooftop, and outdoor premises. A microwave sensor creates an invisible detection zone and records changes that occur when an intruder enters the area, and then activates the alarm. Early detection gives you more time to prepare and perform counter measures to protect whatever you have in your site or facility. Our microwave sensors are easy to install and offer optimum reliability, which reduces the likelihood of false alarms. These are highly resistant to rain, wind, extreme temperatures and other outdoor elements. Most of our motion detectors operate in K-Band frequency, ensuring maximum detection performance and reduced interference from external radar sources. Invest in the right security system for your premises today. Contact us to get more information about our microwave perimeter sensors and other products. Contact us for a quote

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