Magos Radars

The SR family of Radar sensors by Magos systems now contains 4 distinct models intended for use in different scenarios. Magos' growing range of high performance radar sensors allows tailoring a custom detection and protection suit for any application. Our sensors' excellent detection performance and low false alarm rate provide the user with an optimized security solution that is also very cost effective. Radar sensors' inherent advantage is in their ability to instantaneously cover large areas without loss of resolution. Combined with MASS software and third party PTZ cameras, our solutions enable continuous coverage of large perimeters without loss of coverage and while maintaining a competitive price. Magos solution suite includes state of the art technology such as advanced target tracker, MIMO processing for improved angular resolution and zero Doppler processing for tracking of very slow and tangential targets. Our radar sensors are designed for long service life in all-weather without any maintenance. A combination of very low part count, no moving parts and robust design ensure very high MTBF in any condition.

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