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Magos MASS+AI is a cutting-edge solution for controlling, monitoring, and managing real-time intrusion events. The MASS software controls Magos Radar sensors, PTZ cameras, and Magos’ proprietary AI algorithmic engine and provides a fully automated threat response system. The MASS easily integrates to almost all VMS systems to handle video recording and event logging. HOW DOES IT WORK? Magos' perimeter security solution includes our advanced radars together with Magos' sophisticated MASS Command and Control software. The MASS software provides a map-based view of the protected perimeter presenting in real-time the exact location of all detected threats. MASS automatically cues PTZ cameras to observe the identified threats in real-time with high zoom levels and provides a video output showing ONLY what is relevant. MASS employs the AI neural network-based algorithms to classify targets, discerning between wildlife, vehicles, persons, etc. thus further filtering out any nuisance alarms. MASS can identify “friendly” targets such as patrols, guards, and authorized personnel using Magos' unique GPS application, and then relays only real alarms and events to the external VMS/PSIM solution. Meaning only real alarms are recorded in the events log together with the relevant video feed. AI APPLIANCE Deep-Learning Video Classification Server Magos Artificial Intelligence Appliance adds deep-learning video classification capabilities to any IP camera. When connected to MASS software, customers can improve radar detection performance and get automated target classification capability. This capability remarkably reduces nuisance alarms and improves target detection and tracking performance. MAIN FEATURES Preloaded and configured with Magos’ MASS and AI video classification technology. Each appliance can handle up to 10 video streams. Any number of appliances can be added consecutively to the same system with a single MASS server. Standard 1U mount chassis with sliding rail kit. Dual hot-swappable power supplies and Raid-managed storage for high availability in the event of component failure. Web-based dashboard for easy configuration and setup, applying hotfixes and upgrades, quick troubleshooting, and more. Secure connectivity with Https support.

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