Product Information

Model 385 K-Band Outdoor Microwave Transceiver provides reliable three-dimensional protection in outdoor environments. Sensitive, fieldadjustable detection circuitry is capable of detecting a human intruder while walking running, or crawling on hands and knees at a distance up to 122 m (400 ft) from the transceiver.

A patented Range Cutoff (RCO) Circuit positively rejects all microwave targets beyond a preselected range. This unique capability makes Model 385 immune to alarms from any object outside the RCO distance, even very large microwave targets such as semitrailers, trees, trains or aircraft.

Operating at K-band, which is much less crowded than X-band, Model 385 is inherently less susceptible to outside interference from airport landing systems, aircraft or marine radar, and other microwave intrusion systems. Because its K-band microwave frequency is 2.5 times higher than X-band, the multipath signal generated by an intruder is also 2.5 times higher and detection of slow-moving intruders is correspondingly better.

Model 385 is also equipped with a patented Zero-Range Suppression (ZRS) Circuit which reduces the amplitude of any microwave target at very close range. This circuit dramatically reduces nuisance alarms from rain, vibration, birds and windblown objects. Neither the RCO nor the ZRS circuit affects detection pattern.

A built-in Multiplex System allows the Model 385 to operate in close proximity with other Southwest Microwave Transceivers and T/R Links without mutual interference. For multiplexed operation, a synchronizer wire (twisted pair) is connected to each sensor. Any sensor or external clock is connected as master and all other sensors are connected as slaves. For a group of up to sixteen sensors, only one sensor will operate at a given time.

Model 385 is designed for use with Southwest Microwave T/R Links which establish three-dimensional detection patterns of up to 450 m (1,500 ft) between transmitter and receiver.

Key Product Features

  • 30 to 122 m (100 to 400 ft) Detection Range
  • Resistant to radar interference
  • Continuously Variable Range Cut-Off Circuit Prevents Alarms from Moving Objects Beyond a Preselected Range
  • Zero-Range Suppression Circuit Reduces Effects of Rain, Vibration, and Windblown Objects
  • Built -In Mult iplex System for Mult iple Sensor Operation
  • Plug-In Test Meter Provides Quick Set-up

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