Please be advised of the impending retirement of the below Southwest Microwave analog microwave sensor models. We encourage you to plan in advance of these dates to ensure adequate inventory of spare parts and to consider your Path to Upgrade options for our newer digital sensor models.

Spare and replacement parts will be available for purchase through December 31, 2022. Repair services will continue through 2027. Technical support will be available through the life of your system.

Given our focus on advanced digital and networked solutions, Southwest Microwave has introduced a broad range of digital and IP-based POE microwave intrusion detection links as new-generation alternatives to our analog sensors. These digital solutions couple Southwest Microwave’s industry-leading RF detection performance capabilities with proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) to optimize discrimination between intrusion attempts and harmless environmental disturbances, mitigating risk of site compromise while preventing nuisance alarms.

Performance enhancements of our digital microwave links include the following:
•User-friendly software setup simplifies sensor configuration alignment and testing.
•Advanced digital signal processing recognizes unique profiles of intruders walking, running, jumping orcrawling through the detection field and optimizes performance in narrow corridors.
•Fresnel Suppression Algorithms minimize nuisance alarms by suppressing outer field disturbances causedby nearby fence vibration or vehicle traffic.
•Path Alignment Alarm provides early warning alert when the RF pattern is compromised by the presence offoreign objects such as accumulating snow or parked vehicles.
•Integrated EMI/RFI shielding to protect sensor electronics against electromagnetic or RF interference.
•Six crystal-controlled, field-selectable modulation channels with narrow band filtering to prevent interferencebetween sensors. Units can be dual, triple or quad-stacked for ultra-high security applications.
•Flexible input power from 10.5 to 60 VDC (digital models) or IP-based communications and power via singleEthernet connection (digital POE models).
The upgrade path from analog to digital sensors is simple, in most cases simply calling for replacement of original system hardware with its digital equivalent. These digital devices have the same fit, form and function as the analog sensors they replace.


*As an alternative to the standard digital microwave links, IP-based, Power over Ethernet versions are also availablefor standard and Hi-Rel applications: INTREPID™ Model 316-POE-S, Model 334-POE-S and Model 336-POE-S.