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Integrating Your Perimeter Security On Existing Networks Just Got Easier

Each universal INTREPID™ System Controller conveniently and reliably manages all of the new-generation INTREPID™ perimeter detection devices – MicroPoint™ II Fence Detection System, MicroTrack™ II Buried Cable System and the MicroWave 330 digital microwave link. System Controllers also incorporates and operates contact-closure auxiliary security devices and facilitate interface to CCTV equipment or other system outputs.

An INTREPID™ System Controller facilitates the assignment of alarm inputs to specific perimeter segments – or zones – of the desired length. For added flexibility, multiple sensor technologies can be assigned to a single zone. Zones may be associated with specific outputs – such as camera presets – so that when the perimeter is breached, precise visual assessment is achieved.

Four INTREPID™ System Controller options offer scalable, ‘plug-and-play’ security management solutions to suit sites of any size or configuration, with features ranging from local relay control to multi-language graphic mapping tools, centralized local or remote site management and high level CCTV interface.

System controllers seamlessly network all devices via a common, open architecture communications protocol – the INTREPID™ Polling Protocol II – using standard RS422 serial data interface. Network connections may be made via copper wire, fiber optic cable or wireless TCP/IP method. An SDK is available to third party developers for high level interface of new generation INTREPID™ sensors into custom control applications using the INTREPID™ Polling Protocol II.

IP System Control

Each INTREPID System Controller (RPMII or CMII-N) can communicate with up to 16 INTREPID series II devices, i.e
– MicroPoint II – Fence mounted detection system
– MicroTrack II – Buried Cable detection System
– Microwave 330
– Relay Output Module

  • RPMII, Remote Polling Module II is an INTREPID System Controller designed to provide HLI integration (Via SDK) to third party control or monitoring systems.
  • CMII-N, Control Module is a Network controller designed to provide local relay integration
  • The CMII-N also supports remote alarm monitoring via RS422 or via TCP/IP using ROMII-16-N network relay output modules

Key Product Features

  • Perimeter Security Manager (PSM)
  • Graphic Control Module II (GCM II)
  • Control Module II (CM II)
  • Relay Control Module II (RCM II)
  • INTREPID™ Polling Protocol II (SDK)

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