Product Information

MS15 and MS16 outdoor, dual technology motion sensors offer the unique combination of Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared technology to provide volumetric protection for a variety of exterior applications. With a 15 m x 12 m (50 ft x 40 ft) detection pattern, MS15 and MS16 sensors are designed for reliable detection of upright / walking and running targets. The MS16 High Security Motion Sensor offers enhanced detection capability for prone (crawling) targets.

MS15 and MS16 Motion Sensors are configured for “And Gate” operation; both technology elements must activate simultaneously for the sensor to alarm. The microwave portion must detect motion of an intruder, while the passive infrared portion must detect infrared radiation emitted by an intruder. When both technologies activate at once, the sensor initiates an alarm condition.

The sensors feature two microwave receiving channels with the ability to eliminate vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms. A dual element infrared detector ignores normal temperature variations, yet is highly responsive to rapid infrared changes created by an intruder. Proprietary integrated circuit design provides enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) for both microwave and passive infrared technologies.

For optimum performance, it is recommended to use the MS15 and MS16 motion sensors to protect specific assets or strategic areas, or as a gap filler in conjunction with an outdoor perimeter detection system, such as Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ fence or buried cable detection systems, microwave links or transceivers. In general, these sensors are not used as the primary detection tool along a perimeter fence line other than as part of a proprietary system with on-site response or video verification.

Key Product Features

  • Digital Sensitivity and Range Control
  • Balanced Temperature Compensation
  • Enhanced Bird / Small Animal Immunity Control (MS15 only)
  • Tamperproof Design
  • Rugged, Weatherproof Housing Protects Against RFI and EMI Interference
  • Master and Analytic LED Indicators
  • Walk-Test Sounder Included

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